Wood-fired Sauna

Rent a rustic wood-fired sauna, hand built here on Hardwick

£150 per day

£350 per weekend

£700 per week

For a luxurious glamping experience, sit back and relax with friends, break a sweat and cool off in the river. Can seat up to 16 people, making this a wholesome, social, wellbeing experience.

Benefits of Sauna:

Increases detoxification

Improves circulation

Promoted relaxation

Aids work-out recovery

Supports fat loss

Rules for Sauna use:

MUST sit on a towel (can be provided at cost)

No consumption of alcohol while using

Drink lots of water!

Limit each sitting to 15 minutes

Contact Sparrow on 07856 492805 or sparrowsqueezebox@gmail.com

We will come light the sauna and guide you through how to operate the wood burner safely and efficiently. Wood logs not included in price, these can be ordered direct from Hardwick Estate.