Sadhama Rewild Retreats

A space to connect with nature, community and your natural self.

We craft holistic wellbeing programmes, offered online or in wild nature.

We combine thousands of years of Yogic and Vedic wisdom with a modern understanding of health and nutrition to bring you powerful, transformative change.

Our retreats are crafted to offer the experience of rest, wholesome nourishment and connection to an authentic self.  We share the unparalleled beauty and healing nature of Hardwick Estate, tuning into the living wisdom of the ancient oaks and sacred waters.  

We bring a profoundly nurturing connection, rewilding the biorhythm of the body within, and bringing ourselves into harmony with nature’s elements and rhythms.

Our bespoke events are held throughout the summer at the Hardwick campsite, on the banks of the Thames river, surrounded by lush forest and wildflower meadows.

We engage with the local community and work with other enterprises on the estate. Most of our gorgeous veg comes from Tolhurst Organic farm and Greenbroom co-op, who use stock free farming to produce the lowest possible carbon footprint, cruelty free food. We use Tolhurst Organic’s kitchen and their splendid gardens as a dining area at our retreats. 

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